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Monday, October 13, 2008

Compact Turbine Pumps

for pumping applications such as boiler feed, high pressure cooling, refrigeration and CIP chemical feed, the mTh range available from Pump Engineering, is the ideal choice. mTh regenerative turbine pumps, available as direct drive, bareshaft, magnetic drive and canned rotor pumps, include all the important benefits of this type of pump, such as a low flow at high pressure, very low NPSh for high temperature or low vapour pressure, long-life and a smooth, balanced performance, housed in a neat and very compact design.

The regenerative turbine pump is characterised by its unique impeller design, where the impeller has a large number of blades machined into its periphery. Typically, a row of blades is located on each side of the impeller to minimize axial thrust. In a traditional centrifugal pump, fluid enters the impeller at its outside diameter
and is accelerated through approximately 330 degrees of rotation and exits the pump, at, or near the same radius as the inlet. An area of about 30 degrees separates the inlet from the outlet and in this area the casing walls parallel to the impeller shroud are situated very close to the rotating impeller. This in effect, is two impellers in one, operating within identical channels on the casing and the cover.

This allows the impeller to float freely and find its own equilibrium ensuring long-life, smooth and balanced performance and effectively minimizes leakage between the high pressure exit and impeller inlet.

Another advantage of the regenerative turbine pump is its ability to generate a very steeply rising head curve between minimum and maximum flow which ensures very accurate flow control and very stable operation.

The standard range of MTH pumps includes models which cover capacities from 1 to 150
gallons per min and pressures up to 1000psi. Construction materials include, iron, bronze and 316 stainless steel.

Source: Process Industry Informer.