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Monday, August 25, 2008

Improved Diesel Engine by Cummins

KIVA allows designers to see the effects of alterations to engine geometry without actually building the engine. Cummins Engine Company has used KIVA to make piston design modifications and other modifications to diesel engines for heavy trucks. In a cooperative effort with DOE, Cummins has also improved engine breathing, pulse-preserving manifolds, and turbocharger design. Cummins has improved the diesel engine sufficiently to increase the mileage by nearly one-half mile/gallon. With millions of trucks and buses currently on the road, this improvement in engine efficiency yields a significant savings in fuel.Energy savings from this development are based on the number of trucks (class 7 and 8) powered by Cummins engines. This value, multiplied by the savings per mile and the number of miles driven per year, results in the estimated annual energy savings.

Benfits are Huge
  • Helps the automotive industry strengthen its competitiveness.
  • Reduces time required from engine design to production.
  • Optimization in engine performance considerably reduces emissions, including unburned hydrocarbons.
  • Energy Saving of 82 Trillion BTU/year
  • Carbon Reduction of 1.8 Million TPA