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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CO2 - Eco Friendly Refrigerant for Heat Pumps

CO2 Technology has become a talk of the future and we should be on the side of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, rather than intensifying them. The recent developments have open the door for the use of CO2 in refrigeration sector where lot of energy & environmental benefits can be achieved.

Itomic company has made the world's first Eco-Cute heat pump model for facilities in need of large volumes of hot water. Itomic’s leading heat pumps offer high efficiency, reliability, and safety, as well as low running costs.

Itomic's CO2 water heater produces large volumes of 90°C hot water, being the optimal choice for school dining, restaurants, hotels, shower rooms, swimming pools or hospitals. Even at outside temperatures of -20°C, it operates reliably, with overall energy savings of up to 30% compared to other combustion water heaters. While reducing the space for installation through its compact storage tank size, it achieves a Coefficient of Performance of 3.8.

In addition, it saves large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions by not only working more efficiently but also by using the natural refrigerant CO2 with a Global Warming Potential of 1 compared to that of 1,700 of Freon.

The world's first industrial CO2 water heater features state-of-the-art safety and easy operation through an advanced control technology. The model does not require certified staff for operation, disposing of automatic boiling, timer controlled operation, and temperature management with 6 sensors. On top of that, it reduces running costs significantly by using off-peak electricity at night.

Main features

Heating ability: 26.3 kW to 30.1 kW
Standard tank capacity: 3000 Liter
Unit weight: 620 kg
Water volume: 4 l/min to 8 l/min