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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Technology - Oxygen enhanced combustion for Recycled Aluminum

A new low-NOx combustion burner is X integrated with an onsite vacuum-swing-absorption (VSA) oxygen generation system to reduce oxygen consumption, NOx emissions, and energy usage while increasing melting productivity.
This new burner controls the mixing of fuel, air, and high-purity oxygen streams to improve flame quality. The VSA system lowers emissions using a patented high-efficiency molecular sieve to remove nitrogen from the air. This technology can be used in metal melters for zinc, lead, copper, and ferrous materials.
1. Reduced oxygen & cost by 33%
2. Increased production rate by 26%
3. Industrywide saving 10.0 billion BTU/year.
This is a series of energy efficient technologies jointly explored by industry, research leaders & govt. These technologies are currently available. My future posts will have "Technology" word in the title prefix.