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Friday, June 20, 2008

Technology - Nugget Cokeless Iron making

The Mesabi Nugget cokeless iron making technology optimizes the ®ITmk3 process, which turns iron ores into high quality iron nuggets in a rotary hearth furnace. The technology is able to complete reduction, melting, and slag removal in only about ten minutes.
The pilot plant produced 9500 metric tons of iron nuggets superior in quality to direct reduced iron (DRI) and similar to blast furnace pig iron. The product can be used as a supplemental iron source in electric arc furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces (BOF), and metal castings.
1. Produces nuggets of 96-98% nugget purity.
2. Reduces energy use by 30%.
3. Reduces emissions by over 40%
Source: Messabi Nugget