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Thursday, November 1, 2007

New process for CO2 separation from flue gases

Alstom projects is developing a new process for the recovery of CO2 using liquid refrigerated ammonia. The process is said to be economical & efficient with bench scale test results available with the developer.

The Unique advantage of the process is to recover CO2 at higher pressure as per conditions mentioned in the demo project at 20 bar or so; that too just by liquid pumping and do not require gas compression.

It is ideally suitable for locations where lot of waste heat is available as the process require lot of chilling.

Tha major advantages are:

  1. Two stage cooling of incoming flue gas from 150-200°C to ~10-20°C.

  2. Chilling of ammonia at absorber inlet

  3. High pressure CO2 can be generated by liquid pumping and do not require larger compressors. In fact, you can generate CO2 at varying level of pressures depending on heat source available, you just need to pump CO2 loaded ammonia at that pressure in the regenerator. However the upper limit is decided by many other factors, but 20 bar is till OK.

  4. No or negligible degradation of solvent which is ammonia in this case.

  5. Very cost effective.

The technology is currently under field pilot tests.

I am planning to write up on different options available for CO2 recovery / separation on the main page of my Blog.

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Rajlaxmi said...

The process sounds interesting however my project would require more info on the same. I work in the field of Alternate Energy Resources and curently I am looking at a economically viable and efficient process for CO2 separation from a Gas mix.
Incase you are interested in sharing your technology kindly write back to me at